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Stop your visitors from copying your images with no right click! Very simple to use, just copy the code at the right and place it between your head tags. You can also change the text in the script to what ever you want. I don't have it on this page because you would not be able to copy the scripts. Try it out on my index page and see what happens!
This script is a bookmark, or add to favorites. Very simple, just replace the website url, the title text, and the text that you want to say, and that's it. This wont work with Foxfire. Place it where you want it to show...

Free Clock For Your Website. Just copy and paste the code to where you want the clock to show. Upload the relog.sfw to your main html and that's it. The clock is transparent and will show up black, with your background color. Download Here!

Free Month, date, and Year Script!
Make sure the font color is before the script. You can change the color to what ever you want. Just put the code where you want it to appear!

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